Orpheum 700 In Photos

24 02 2009

1959 Orpheum 700


Made in USA by Maurice Lipsky Music Co, NY, NY


To find out more, go here https://dustyoldamp.wordpress.com/sightings/


Buddy Guy 1965 With Big Mama Thornton

22 02 2009

The fantastic Buddy Guy backs up Big Mama Thornton in this live rendition of “Hound Dog”, slipping in silvery stratocaster lines that at times sounds like the harp of Little Walter.

Orpheum 700 Video 3

16 02 2009

Have turned up the Orpheum to 3 for this one and tbh, can’t have it up any more in the house on account of neighbors and their strange desire for peace and tranquility. Doesn’t sound loud in the video but at 30 watts in a small room, it’s pretty hair-raising to sit right in front of the Orpheum.

Bobby “Blue” Bland w/Wayne Bennett 1981

14 02 2009

One of the great unsung blues guitarists, Wayne Bennett, backs up one of the genre’s top singers, Bobby “Blue” Bland in 1981. Bennett stings a big hollowbody Gibson with P90’s, nailing chord fragment rhythms and single note runs with a masterful groove.

Muddy Waters “Rollin’ Stone” 1960

13 02 2009

Muddy gets primal with a telecaster through a gibson amp. Awesome.

Orpheum 700 Video 2

12 02 2009

A run of single notes with volume still only at 2

Orpheum 700 Video 1

7 02 2009

This is what the Orpheum sounds like with the volume barely up, around 2 on the dial.