1939 Supertone 2311 Tube Amp

5 02 2010

Prior to selling the Silvertone line of amps, Sears & Roebuck offered the lesser known Supertone brand.

This 2311 model dates from all the way back to 1939 and is the most recent addition to the dustyoldamp collection. The handle looks like it could be from 100 years ago but it is the only one on an amplifier that I have ever felt to actually fit comfortably in my hand while carrying the device.  I only wish this style of handle to be on every amp in my collection, particularly the heavier models.

The Supertone is aptly named as is sounds gorgeous.  Stay tuned to hear sound clips of this 71 year old beauty in action!

Strapless! Backside View Of The Estey

1 09 2009

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 4

The Estey T-12 is as humble around the back as she is up front.

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 5

And here’s a big reason why she sounds so sweet – Chicago’s finest – a blue label Jensen speaker.1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 6

Date codes on the magnet cover peg this example from the 37th week of 1966, likely manufactured in September of that year.

Getting To Know The Estey T-12

26 08 2009

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 1

This little number was made by Estey Electronics of Torrance, CA in 1967. The T-12 is pretty simple, just the way I like my amps, with only two inputs, three nobs and a power switch featured on the front panel.

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 2

Pilot light, carrying strap and really sweet grill-cloth material pretty much sums up the remaining external aspects of this amp.

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 3

Silvertone 1470 Video 2

4 05 2009

While I wait to get the Orpheum to a location where I can turn it up louder, here’s a clip of the Silvertone 1470, all the way up.

Another Go At The Orpheum 700

14 04 2009

Orpheum 700 Video 3

16 02 2009

Have turned up the Orpheum to 3 for this one and tbh, can’t have it up any more in the house on account of neighbors and their strange desire for peace and tranquility. Doesn’t sound loud in the video but at 30 watts in a small room, it’s pretty hair-raising to sit right in front of the Orpheum.

Orpheum 700 Video 2

12 02 2009

A run of single notes with volume still only at 2