Orpheum 700 Video 3

16 02 2009

Have turned up the Orpheum to 3 for this one and tbh, can’t have it up any more in the house on account of neighbors and their strange desire for peace and tranquility. Doesn’t sound loud in the video but at 30 watts in a small room, it’s pretty hair-raising to sit right in front of the Orpheum.



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29 10 2011
Brett Husebye

Try playing a Fender Twin Reverb in an apartment. I could run everyone out of the building, not my intention unless they are bugging me, put an overdrive on it, turn it to 10 and consider yourself deaf for the next hour or so. My pos Line 6 75 watt blew up because they put what is known as thermal tape on the chip of the solid state amp between it and the huge heatsink, played on it less then 10 hours before it blew up. I was mad.

Anyway looks like a fun project. I would be scared to turn it up to the highest setting unless I changed the cord out on the amp. Back in the days of the dinosaurs they used cords that look like they came from the Dollar Store only it was called the Nickel Store haha.

31 10 2011
ace nobody

I got to play a 335 through a silverface Twin Reverb back in the early 80’s in high school and it was like an ice pick through the ears at high volume!

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