Hello World!

31 05 2010

The top source of visitors to this site has emerged as Los Angeles in the United States, which has recently nosed ahead in a tight race between the major metropolitan areas of America.

The top Canadian locations are a three way tie between Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver while Central America sees Mexico City and Guadalajara in Mexico and the Costa Rican city of San Jose all fighting for the lead.

South America is championed at the moment by Buenos Aires, Argentina while Europe, in a tight race, is co-led by the English cities of London, Manchester, and Liverpool, Finland’s capital of Helsinki, France’s Paris, Essen/Dortmund in Germany and the Dutch city of Amsterdam.

South Africa’s Cape Town and Johannesburg are neck and neck in Africa while Melbourne is the top Australian source and Tokyo, Japan  is the top hit generator in Asia.

The site recently went over the 30,000 hits mark.

Oliver G150R Front Panel

31 05 2010

The front panel on the Oliver is laid out in an elegant graphic design, very chic for 1969.

Channel two is very basic, just volume, bass and treble while channel one adds controls for midrange and “ultra-high” along with a reverb knob and tremelo circuit.

I love the logo!

1969 Oliver G150R Tube Amp

25 05 2010

After seeing this amp in my favorite music store for a few years, I was finally able to purchase it.

It’s a good bit bigger than what I mostly look for in an amplifier these days but after seeing it so many times, I could no longer resist!