You walk into the music store that you just drove hours to get to, past the disinterested guy at the counter, past the glass cases stuffed with effects pedals and accessories, past the rows of brand new pcb board amplifiers that were churned out by an automated factory and head to the back of the store. Somewhere here among the ratty cases holding guitars waiting to be fixed, you hope to find the holy grail of real tone…that beat up, forgotten relic that became obsolete by the late 60’s; the dusty old amp.

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15 12 2009

The control panel pictured at the top of your home page. What kind of amp is it?
I’ve been trying to ID a small, 3-tube amp (2-6AU6, 1-6AR5) I’ve had for years. It has no manufacturer’s markings on it (that I’ve found, anyway).
The control panel on my amp is a dead ringer for the one you have pictured (on a smaller scale—red jewel light, on/off toggle, volume and tone knobs + 1 input jack). It has the exact same knobs, same rectangular plate under the volume and control knobs with the exact same “volume” and “tone” “min / max” graphics, same funky chrome stick-on “Instrument” label, same silver-painted chassis.
I’m guessing that my amp is from the same manufacturer…or maybe a cousin.
Any clues you can provide would be appreciated.

25 12 2009
ace nobody

like yours, it had no brand name unfortunately, but it’s definitely japanese from the 60’s and most likely made by teisco. check out this link to learn more.


28 04 2010

Help me out man. I’ve got an old tube accordion amp I found used that is a no-name. Looks to be 60’s. Bakelight handle. Sweet looking grill fabric. Had no transformer so was grounding all over the place till I had a 3prong plug and transformer installed. Great harp tone though. I was wondering if you could help me ID it. The tube set-up and wiring looks A LOT like the Stadium 400, but the designs looks more Magnatone or Valco. Can I email you pics?

30 04 2010
25 05 2010
ace nobody

Looks like a great little amp Johnny but after a few days of research I’m still at a loss. That smoked glass panel on the front is something I’ve never seen before. That grill fabric seems to have been popular around ’62-’63 and there are some Magnatone/Estey/Starlighter…etc amps around that featured it and my best guess is that it is a Magnatone offshoot company product.

3 04 2012

Hi Ace,
I am intersted in your 1939 Supertone 2311 Tube Amp. Do you have a schematic for it? Or could you draw one up? I’ve tried looking for other amps with the same tube compliment but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
-Big Al

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