Silvertone 1470 Video 2

4 05 2009

While I wait to get the Orpheum to a location where I can turn it up louder, here’s a clip of the Silvertone 1470, all the way up.

Silvertone 1470 Video

17 11 2008

Time for a bit of a left turn as I try to sort the fuse issue on the Lafayette amp.  Here’s a video of me playing a 1980’s Harmony strat copy through the Silvertone 1470.

The volume of the amp was 75% up and even though the Silvertone is only a few watts, it was still loud enough to get me yelled at, lol.

Silvertone 1470 In Closing

3 03 2008


Today we bring this look at the 1966-7 Silvertone 1470 to a close. It’s a good little bedroom practice amp, especially if you live in a place where you can’t crank even a five watter. If you’re into playing jazz, early rock and roll or classic Chicago blues, you’ll probably dig this little one watt silver box. For any “modern” styles of guitar playing, it’s doubtful the 1470 would make a player of such genres happy. It’s just too clean and too quiet. Yeah, you can stick a dirt box into it but with so many small amps that play that game better, what’s the point?

I’m really glad that I happened to walk into that little music store on the day that I did and managed to walk out with this  for $119 USD.  As soon as possible, I’ll throw the lowest power rated vintage Alnico speaker I can into it and that should be a big improvement over what’s in there now. They’ll have to pry this amp from my cold, clenched fingers before I’ll ever give it up.

Let’s Talk About Tubes

1 03 2008


The tubes in the Silvertone 1470 reflect the primitiveness of the amp’s design.  The trio consisting of a 12AU6 preamp bottle, 50C5 power valve and 35E4 tube rectifier was a feature of suggested Western Electric amplifier circuit manuals going back to the 1930’s. Many pre-war radios used this setup and it’s remarkable that the amps’s manufacturer, Danelectro, would pick this tube lineup as late as the mid 1960’s and even more remarkable that it sounds so good amplifying a guitar. 


There are a few other amps at the time that used the same tubes; Harmony 303a, Vox Student (distributed in America by Thomas Organ and not made by JMI of England) and a Gregory 007. Could they have been the same basic amp, made by Danelectro and simply rebranded?


The tubes from this 1470 are labled “Silvertone” and “Japan”. Are they the originals that shipped with the amp?

Upon Closer Inspection

29 02 2008


There’s just enough room to jam the camera into the chassis and get an idea as to which capacitors and resistors are in use here. Again, it’s pretty basic as things should be in a dusty old amp….


Under The Hood

25 02 2008


The amp doesn’t seem to have been put together with the idea of easily servicing it; the speaker and baffle have to be removed to completely access the circuit. But by removing the screws that fasten the faceplate/chassis assembly to the cabinet, limited access can be had to the guts so we can take a peek.


The circuit is completely handwired and appears to be pretty simple with few components as can be seen here.

‘Round The Back

25 02 2008


Taking off the speaker cavity guard, it’s plain to see that the cabinet is made of wood chipboard. The chipboard is pretty thin in places but it’s obviously held up well. The tube chart is pasted to the floor of the cabinet and indicates all the relevant information of the amp; Silvertone 1470 with a tube compliment of three. 50C5, 12AU6 and 35W4.