Silvertone 1470 Video 2

4 05 2009

While I wait to get the Orpheum to a location where I can turn it up louder, here’s a clip of the Silvertone 1470, all the way up.

Another Go At The Orpheum 700

14 04 2009

Orpheum 700 Video 3

16 02 2009

Have turned up the Orpheum to 3 for this one and tbh, can’t have it up any more in the house on account of neighbors and their strange desire for peace and tranquility. Doesn’t sound loud in the video but at 30 watts in a small room, it’s pretty hair-raising to sit right in front of the Orpheum.

Orpheum 700 Video 2

12 02 2009

A run of single notes with volume still only at 2

Orpheum 700 Video 1

7 02 2009

This is what the Orpheum sounds like with the volume barely up, around 2 on the dial.

GA5T Skylark Full On Volume Video

22 12 2008

Another Gibson GA5T Video

8 12 2008

Gibson GA-5T Video

1 12 2008

Still screwing with the Lafayette so here’s the Gibson GA-5T.

Silvertone 1470 Video

17 11 2008

Time for a bit of a left turn as I try to sort the fuse issue on the Lafayette amp.  Here’s a video of me playing a 1980’s Harmony strat copy through the Silvertone 1470.

The volume of the amp was 75% up and even though the Silvertone is only a few watts, it was still loud enough to get me yelled at, lol.

Silvertone 1470 In Closing

3 03 2008


Today we bring this look at the 1966-7 Silvertone 1470 to a close. It’s a good little bedroom practice amp, especially if you live in a place where you can’t crank even a five watter. If you’re into playing jazz, early rock and roll or classic Chicago blues, you’ll probably dig this little one watt silver box. For any “modern” styles of guitar playing, it’s doubtful the 1470 would make a player of such genres happy. It’s just too clean and too quiet. Yeah, you can stick a dirt box into it but with so many small amps that play that game better, what’s the point?

I’m really glad that I happened to walk into that little music store on the day that I did and managed to walk out with this  for $119 USD.  As soon as possible, I’ll throw the lowest power rated vintage Alnico speaker I can into it and that should be a big improvement over what’s in there now. They’ll have to pry this amp from my cold, clenched fingers before I’ll ever give it up.