1969 Oliver G150R Tube Amp

25 05 2010

After seeing this amp in my favorite music store for a few years, I was finally able to purchase it.

It’s a good bit bigger than what I mostly look for in an amplifier these days but after seeing it so many times, I could no longer resist!

1939 Supertone 2311 Tube Amp

5 02 2010

Prior to selling the Silvertone line of amps, Sears & Roebuck offered the lesser known Supertone brand.

This 2311 model dates from all the way back to 1939 and is the most recent addition to the dustyoldamp collection. The handle looks like it could be from 100 years ago but it is the only one on an amplifier that I have ever felt to actually fit comfortably in my hand while carrying the device.  I only wish this style of handle to be on every amp in my collection, particularly the heavier models.

The Supertone is aptly named as is sounds gorgeous.  Stay tuned to hear sound clips of this 71 year old beauty in action!

Stadium 400-T Video 1

26 12 2009

Stadium 400-T Circuitry Photos

30 11 2009

I wasn’t surprised that the Stadium amp had very little circuitry when I opened her up,  she sounds very direct and uncomplicated.

A real point to point beauty laid out intelligently and very little of the ‘rat’s nest’ jumble to deal with.

This little thing has a few wiring surprises such as the inputs going directly to the volume control before hitting any tubes or resistors.  More on that later as I plan to open up and analyze the circuitry of each amp that has been presented here to date.

Jimi Hendrix: Stone Free/Like A Rolling Stone

22 06 2009

Jeff Beck w/Jeff Beck Group 1968

30 05 2009

Peter Green Live w/Fleetwood Mac 1969

22 05 2009

Mike Bloomfield 1965 Live w/Butterfield

11 05 2009

Strat Jam On A Sick Day

6 05 2009

Eric Clapton 1963 w/The Yardbirds

27 04 2009