Stadium 400-T Video 3

11 01 2010

Stadium 400-T Video 2

31 12 2009

Stadium 400-T Video 1

26 12 2009

Jimi Hendrix: Stone Free/Like A Rolling Stone

22 06 2009

Jeff Beck w/Jeff Beck Group 1968

30 05 2009

Peter Green Live w/Fleetwood Mac 1969

22 05 2009

Eric Clapton 1963 w/The Yardbirds

27 04 2009

Howlin’ Wolf Live In England From 1964

17 08 2008

Chester Burnett, the one and only Howlin’ Wolf, performing Charley Patton’s classic “Smokestack Lightning” with Tommy Johnson’s trademark yodeling thrown in for good measure. There are better recorded examples that display his singing prowess to full effect but you can clearly see the elements that made Wolf the best blues singer to ever walk the earth. He was the genuine article.

Here’s a clip that features the audio of Wolf’s monumental 1956 version of the song. Willie Dixon on bass and Hubert Sumlin on guitar are on both tracks.

John Lee Hooker With The Groundhogs In London 1964

17 08 2008

John Lee Hooker and Britain’s superb Groundhogs tear through a grinding Hooker classic, “I’m Leaving” on the short lived “Beat Room” program on the newly launched BBC2, October 5, 1964. The track features the kind of tremendous hypnotic riff that is the hallmark of almost all of John Lee’s best and Hooker’s singing and playing rides over the groove effortlessly. Led by guitarist Tony McPhee, the Groundhogs recorded their debut album in 1968 and are still around today in various incarnations after sporadic breakups and reunions. In 1979 they backed up veteran harmonica player and singer Billy Boy Arnold on his excellent album, “Checkin’ It Out”, very much worth tracking down.