Freddie King 1966

26 01 2009

A master of touch and tone, Freddie King stings his 335 with effortless grace and real fire.

Pee Wee Crayton Video

26 01 2009

Pee Wee Crayton shown here in a video from 1980. Despite the Peavey head, phaser and it being 30 years past his prime, Pee Wee shows why he was such an important and influencial player in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

Output Tube As Culprit In Lafayette Mystery?

19 01 2009

As the investigation into the Lafayette amp’s inability to function, startling new evidence has surfaced that could put an end to this riveting mystery.


Scotland Yard spokesman Neil Yarmouth was quoted as saying “It looks like the output tube has flamed out.” Investigators won’t confirm reports that the tube was simply 40 years old and failed due to old age but recent photographs suggest that is exactly what happened.


Lafayette Amp Tone And Volume Pots

13 01 2009


Some good closeups of the pots and input jacks.


Also a good perspective on the power transformer and a big electrolytic capacitor.


Son House: Levee CampBlues

5 01 2009

Shattering clip from the mid 1960’s as Son House reaches deep. To me, this is as close as anything I’ve ever seen as being a definition of “The Blues”.  Not an amp in sight, but who cares?

Starting Off 2009 With Lightnin’ Hopkins

4 01 2009

One of the true masters of the blues form, Lightnin’ Hopkins transcended technique and instrument to produce unparalleled depth of feeling in his songs.

This version of “Mojo Hand” was performed on French television in 1962 and while the visual quality isn’t all that great it displays all you need to know about Lightnin’ Hopkins.