Son House: Levee CampBlues

5 01 2009

Shattering clip from the mid 1960’s as Son House reaches deep. To me, this is as close as anything I’ve ever seen as being a definition of “The Blues”.  Not an amp in sight, but who cares?

Elmore James: It Hurts Me Too

17 10 2008

Cheap guitars and dusty old amps coupled with a masterful slide guitarist, who was also my favorite blues singer of all time, the great Elmore James. A contemporary of Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson II, who didn’t get the chance to make his own recordings until 1953, James recorded this, the second version of “It Hurts Me Too”, in 1961, two years before he tragically passed away at 45. In what sounds like a classic case of Mississippi-style razorblade slashed speakers, just listen to the way that the amp that the guitar playing the bass line is going through is distorting. Blues heaven.