Oliver Amp Video 2

6 01 2011

Oliver Amp Video One

2 01 2011

Oliver Circuitry Photos

27 08 2010

Oliver G150R Tube Lineup

8 07 2010

I was astounded to find that the Oliver came with three glorious NOS Mullard tubes when I opened up the back panel!

The valves for the amp are four 6EU7, two 5881 and a single 6AN8A.

Oliver G150R Backside And Speaker

16 06 2010

There are 14 very heavy screws securing the speaker cabinet’s back panel and it is quite the forearm twister to remove them all in one go. Quality of construction, indeed!

With the back panel removed, a very healthy looking 15 inch speaker is revealed.  As can be seen, it takes up most of the cabinet space.

The speaker features a ceramic magnet with the words “Oliver Sound Custom Design” on the housing.  No idea how Oliver date codes work but this looks like it could be from 1967. It handles the 35 watts from the amplifier in very smooth and toneful fashion.

Oliver G150R Front Panel

31 05 2010

The front panel on the Oliver is laid out in an elegant graphic design, very chic for 1969.

Channel two is very basic, just volume, bass and treble while channel one adds controls for midrange and “ultra-high” along with a reverb knob and tremelo circuit.

I love the logo!

1969 Oliver G150R Tube Amp

25 05 2010

After seeing this amp in my favorite music store for a few years, I was finally able to purchase it.

It’s a good bit bigger than what I mostly look for in an amplifier these days but after seeing it so many times, I could no longer resist!