1967 Estey T-12 Lead Sound

16 07 2009

1967 Estey T-12 Rhythm Sound

10 07 2009

Tiny little tube amp made by Estey Electronics of Torrance, CA in 1967. Sweet clean tones are plentiful from the T-12 and here’s brief snippet of what chords sound like.

Three Hours Past Midnight: Johnny “Guitar” Watson

10 10 2008

Johnny “Guitar” Watson rips it up in 1956 by taking the low volume Lowell Fulson approach and injecting a bit of Guitar Slim into it. No Guitar Slim videos seem to be out there or even any 1950’s Johnny “Guitar” Watson clips but this audio track does the business.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Great Lowell Fulson

10 10 2008

Okalhoma born, California guitarist/songwriter/singer Lowell Fulson was perhaps the top bluesman of the late 1940’s and into the early part of the next decade. Here he’s doing “You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”, just one of his classics, in what looks to be the early 1950’s, playing through possibly a Gibson amp?

Howlin’ Wolf Live In England From 1964

17 08 2008

Chester Burnett, the one and only Howlin’ Wolf, performing Charley Patton’s classic “Smokestack Lightning” with Tommy Johnson’s trademark yodeling thrown in for good measure. There are better recorded examples that display his singing prowess to full effect but you can clearly see the elements that made Wolf the best blues singer to ever walk the earth. He was the genuine article.

Here’s a clip that features the audio of Wolf’s monumental 1956 version of the song. Willie Dixon on bass and Hubert Sumlin on guitar are on both tracks.

Gatemouth Brown Live With Canned Heat From 1973

15 08 2008

The legendary Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown james live with Canned Heat at Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1973. Gatemouth makes an Acoustic amp sing like a vintage Fender as he teaches Canned Heat a thing or two about showmanship.