The Estey T-12: Radio Tubes?

15 09 2009

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 9

For once, one of my amps has the schematic still attached! It’s a bit hard to see here but it’s all drawn up very nicely and also indicates that the amp design was approved for manufacture in December, 1964.

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 7

The tubes aren’t the average choices for most amps and that’s something I like; it sounds great while not featuring the same old 12ax7 and el84 lineup.

1967 Estey T-12 Tube Amp Photo 8

The preamp duties are performed by a 20ez7 with a 45b5 handling the output tube chores and a 36am3a serving as the rectifier.

Not sure if this is really the case, but I’ve read that a 20ez7 is a 12ax7 with a 20 volt heater. It’s definitely an uncommo valve and shows up in few tube radio applications in the early/mid 1960’s.

The 45b5 is known as a ul84 in Europe and was used in some mid 1950’s tube radio designs.

The 36am3a is a 7 pin vale developed in 1940 that was popular in the early and mid- 60’s for tube radio sets.

1967 Estey T-12 Lead Sound

16 07 2009

1967 Estey T-12 Rhythm Sound

10 07 2009

Tiny little tube amp made by Estey Electronics of Torrance, CA in 1967. Sweet clean tones are plentiful from the T-12 and here’s brief snippet of what chords sound like.

Strat Jam On A Sick Day

6 05 2009

Magic Sam Live 1966

2 03 2009

The most incredible live performer the blues has ever seen, the magnificent Magic Sam!  “All Your Love” and “Magic Sam’s Boogie” played on a borrowed Les Paul copy from Earl Hooker through a Sound City half stack in Germany during the American Folk Blues tour of 1966.