Lafayette Front Panel: Nobs And Jacks

15 12 2008


As mentioned before, a former owner played around with the Lafayette’s control nobs and I’m not too sure if either style on there now is what was on the amp originally.


The fat silver nobs look like they came off a hi-fi stereo tuner?



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12 06 2010

I just bought a (non-functioning) 99-9141wx. The knobs on mine are all black knurled with a thin white line on top and a small white dot on the skirt at the base. They all match each other and look stylistically like they are original.

16 06 2010
ace nobody

right on j, sounds like a great find – i’d love to see a picture as the knobs sound like they might be the original set!

1 09 2010
30 09 2010
ace nobody

those knobs look great and are similar to what i’ve seen on other japanese amps from the late 60’s so i imagine they are indeed original. all the caps and resistors on our lafayette amps are identical so i imagine they are also completely original. thanks for sending the link, it’s so cool to see another one out there!

1 10 2010

My only problem is I can’t get it to work. I blindly recapped as that’s a common failure. However that did not do it. Can you post pictures or a schematic of the rectification on yours? It looks to me like there’s a single diode that does the job, but I can’t tell if mine was previously altered.

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