Silvertone 1470 Video

17 11 2008

Time for a bit of a left turn as I try to sort the fuse issue on the Lafayette amp.  Here’s a video of me playing a 1980’s Harmony strat copy through the Silvertone 1470.

The volume of the amp was 75% up and even though the Silvertone is only a few watts, it was still loud enough to get me yelled at, lol.



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29 11 2008

greeting fellow vintage amp enthusiast.

i had one of these some time ago and love it i paired it with a danelectro corporal model. great times great tones i wonder do you have a schematic for this amp. ie the Silvertone 1470 i would love to build myself one as i have all the parts. thanks shoot me an email

4 12 2008
ace nobody

hi seheus, i’ve also been looking for a schematic for the silvertone 1470 and have unfortunately yet to hit paydirt. after many hours of fruitless internet research, it seems that the 1470 is one of the great unreported amplifiers of the silvertone line. if i find a schmatic for it, i’ll forward it to you.


17 12 2008

thanks i was assuming that if you had the amp you could do a visual inspection of it. I am really wanting to clone one if anyone has a silvertone 1470 and is willing to let me clone it i will offer up full personal information as well as a contract stating that i will pay 100usd deposit along with my info for the loan of one of these amps.

thanks for your time nice vid.


7 01 2009

Hi all, I was just cleaning my basement and stumbled upon the 1470 which I had bought a few years ago at a yard sale with a silvertone guitar. When I got it it worked and sounded great, I just plugged it in and it humms like a son of a gun, all three tubes light up but not sure why now it humms after only sitting around. Inside is the owner manual with schematics, I can copy and send if anyone still needs it. Any idea of how to fix the humm? Or any interest in buying it? Lemme know

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