Last Centerfold Of Skylark Circuitry

6 10 2008

With this last photo of the GA-5T’s circuitry, it’s time to move onto another dusty old amp.



3 responses

2 03 2009

NICE JOB on the skylark, i’ve got a epiphone pacemaker which appears exactly like your skylark and it hums like all getout, the caps are original so i’m thinking about replacing them myself and am wondering how you went about it. the three that i’m looking at are large, one blue sprague and two big brown ones with 2 red and one black wire leaving them. if you have any pics of the amp as you worked on it that would be great or if you could point me to a schematic that i could use that also would be helpful.

5 03 2009
ace nobody

hi dave, the caps on my skylark were replace before i got hold of it unfortunately so i have nothing helpful to pass along for your situation. here are two schematics for epihone pacemaker amps, one with trememlo, one without. all the best and good luck!

27 04 2009

hey thanks for the reply, i was able to replace the old caps with 3 new ones and the amp now sounds fantastic! I also picked up a ’66 skylark which was trashed off ebay and have rebuilt the cabinet and it also sounds great, it has the original speaker and really is a great sounding amp. the old gibsons in my opinion are really a more versatile amp than the champs or vibrochamps. i love the tremolo.

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